Stock Market in India and 8 Career Prospective


Stock market is a place where a trader can buy or sell a stock of a company Stock market is also known as Equity market.  In stock market smaller, younger companies who are seeking capital to expand their business issue an initial public offering (IPO). Traders can trade only those stocks which are listed on the stock exchange. There are so many stock exchanges around the world to trade. Like in India NSE, BSE, MCX etc

Stock market have several Instruments known as Securities like Shares, Bonds, and Debentures. The role of stock markets and stock exchanges in the economies of current day global trading is enormous

Career opportunities:-

  1. This Program has been designed to meet the growing demand for traders, investment advisers, business developers, client relationship managers and entrepreneurs in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity & Currency market segment.
  2. This course provides students with the basics of decision-making involving investments. Study the portfolio theory, investment analysis, capital markets, diversification, models of asset pricing, and risk vs. return.
  3. Students learn about Financial Markets and Institutions, capital markets, interest rates, risk management, deregulation, and regulation, hypothesis of efficient markets, financial derivatives, and debt.
  4. Students understand how financial managers make effective investment decisions, and the creation and measurement of value Corporate Finance
  5. Student learns asset valuation, bonds, stocks, risk, uncertainty, asset allocation, portfolio creation, tests and theory of market efficiency, and diversification.
  6. Students study the international monetary system, comparisons between foreign trade and foreign investments, foreign-exchange exposure, import/export financing, and international taxation.
  7. Students study economic risk and its effect on resources allocation. Also considered is how markets allocate risk and the insurance markets’ role with complete information.
  8. Students study equity markets, with a broad perspective on investing and asset management. Gaining a multi-faceted understanding of the industry, students study the perspectives of money managers as well as institutional investors.