5 Do’s and Don’ts to Helping Your Home Appeal to Buyers

Appealing to buyers in the real estate market, as a seller, is a tricky business. You need to know certain things before you can succeed in appealing to the buyers that will not only be interested in your property but eligible to purchase it. After all, any marketing tactic aimed at the wrong audience will ultimately fail, no matter how well-planned or organized it is. There are certain things to keep in mind when you are selling your home and looking to appeal to buyers. Below are the 5 do’s and don’t to helping your home appeal to buyers in the real estate market.

Price your home appropriately

Pricing your home appropriately has a lot to do with the success rate of the sale of your home, both in terms of how quickly it goes on and off the market and also how much profit you make off the sale of your home.


As a seller, you have to put the number out first, which ultimately puts you at a slight disadvantage from a negotiation standpoint. If you acknowledge this and understand it, you will be able to price your home not only appropriate for the market itself but also at a price that appeals to buyers.


Too low and buyers will think you are trying to scam them in some way, or that there is a catch of some sort. Too high and buyers will think and feel like you’re trying to take them for all they are worth without providing enough value for your property. Priced just right and a buyer will think that the value of your home matches the price they would pay for it.


Don’t list with shoddy pictures

Unfortunately, there are thousands and thousands of property listings by owners, currently available to potential buyers, where the owners have bypassed entirely the opportunity they were given to provide quality photos of their property.


Photos make a big difference, Period. If you are selling your home you are listing it online, and when you list it, you need to make sure you have at least above average photos. The bar isn’t set very high if you take a quick look, so you don’t need to stress too much about putting in a ton of dollars to take a professional photo shoot in order to stand out from the crowd here.


The easiest and most cost-effective way to achieve the effect you need to up your photo game in the real estate market is simply the time of day you take the photos of your property with your phone. Take the photos either one-half to one hour before sunrise or sunset as opposed to mid-day (which is what seems to be the norm). This small change in lighting makes a drastic difference in the quality of your photos and the way you will attract buyers in your area.


Highlight value as much as possible

As mentioned above, pricing your home appropriately, correctly, and in a smart way has everything to do with how it appeals to a buyer. A correct asking price from a seller will have a buyer thinking that the price they will be paying for the home accurately matches the actual value of your home – and, on top of it, a lot of times they are moved into actually closing on the home when the value exceeds the price.


This isn’t only based on face value versus asking price, either. Though this has a lot to do with appealing to buyers, on top of these two factors is the state of the market at the time of listing your home. This means that not only will a buyer find your property appealing based on what they are perceiving as the value versus the asking price, but also, the value versus the asking price in relation to other houses in your market and location.


This relativity within the real estate market really comes down to value. Financially, a buyer does not want to make a large purchase if they think they aren’t getting a good value for the price. They will be comparing homes similar to yours at similar price ranges and weighing the value at the end of the day.


Highlighting the value of your home means making sure the parts of it that make the actual day to day experience of living in your home unique and enjoyable need to be made as apparent as possible in both the listing and a buyers’ first-hand experience. Figure out what these valuable experiences are with respect to your home and make them as clear as possible.


Don’t forget points of interest

Some of your ability to highlight value as mentioned above has to do with your location, as buyers are not only looking for the perfect home but they have already chosen their perfect city and location as well. If your home can highlight its own value not only on the property itself but in relation to points of interest, that’s a huge value to consider, too. For instance, if your home is right outside downtown Orlando, make sure that however easy it is to access the exciting downtown area from your home is made abundantly clear.


Don’t be pushy

A buyer doesn’t want to feel like you only have your interests in mind. While obviously, you are looking to make a profit, it’s important to make sure a buyer doesn’t feel like they are being pushed into a sale. This is a basic tactic when it comes to sales of any kind. Simply acknowledging that you cannot force anyone to purchase anything, let alone to make a massive purchase on a home, will be enough of an attitude shift that will keep you grounded when you are interacting with buyers and not fall into a level of pushiness that pushes them away.


Making sure your home appeals to buyers involves a lot of practicality and a few mind games since understanding the group you are appealing to has a lot to do with the success of your marketing tactics and the return on your efforts. Keep in mind these 5 do’s and don’ts of helping your home appeal to buyers and you are well on your way to rising above the noise of the real estate market in your location and attracting the perfect buyer.